Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Giant Chain (LFN0028)

Code : LFN0028
RM 25
(Sold out)

Gold Flower (LFN0027)

Code : LFN0027
RM 16
(Sold out)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Retro Tortoise (LFR0026)

Code : LFR0026
Material: Alloy + Pearl
Size: 4cm * 3.2cm (Adjustable)
Weight: 17 g
RM 10

(Sold out)

Exquisite Butterfly (LFR0028)

Code : LFR0028
Material: alloy + Czech drilling
Weight: 10 g, Diameter approx 2cm
RM 15
(Sold out)

Retro Head (LFR0027)

Code : LFR0027
Material: alloy
Size: 2.4cm * 2.6cm
Weight: 12 g
RM 8

Pearl Strings Handmade Lace Necklace (LFN0023)

Code : LFN0023
Material: alloy, fabric
Size: Approx 480*150*78mm
RM 20

Delicate Inlaid Precious Stones (LFN0026)

Code : LFN0026
Material: alloy, acrylic
Size: Approx 700*27mm
Weight: 50 g
RM 18.50
(Sold out)

Black box (LFN0022)

Code : LFN0022
Material: Alloy
Size: 50cm circumference
Weight: 65 g
RM 16.50
(Sold out)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Warm Light Yellow Ring (LFR0037)

Code : LFR0037
Material: alloy
Size: Approx 30*21mm
RM 11
(Sold out)

Simple Multi-classical (LFB0026)

Code : LFB0026
Material: alloy, imitate pearl
Size: Approx 70mm
RM 12 
(Sold out)

Petals Pear (LFR0033)

Code : LFR0033
Material: alloy, rhinestone, imitate pearl
Size: Approx 36mm (Adjustable)
RM 12

Angel wings (LFN0020)

Code : LFN0020
Material: Iron, crystal
Size: weight approx 50.4g, lenght 500mm
RM 21
(Sold out)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sparkling gemstones oval (LFR0025)

Code : LFR0025
Material : alloy + acrylic
Size : 2.9 * 2.5cm
Weight: 10 g"
RM 9
(Sold out)

Elegant Baroque Pearl (LFN0021)

Code : LFN0021
Material: alloy + Czech drill
Size: 39cm * 3.5cm * 2.8cm
Weight: 57 g
RM 20
(Sold out)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Painting bird (LFR0024)

Code : LFR0024
Material: alloy
Size: Approx 7.5g, 30*20mm  (Adjustable)
RM 9
(Sold out)

Shell Butterfly (LFA0001)

Code : LFA0001 (Sold Out)
Material: alloy, rhinestone
RM 12

Retro Bow blooms (LFB0014)

Code : LFB0014
Size: Approx 38.9g, Diameter approx 44mm
RM 14

Retro Love.Peach.Bow.Pearl.Heart (LFN0019)

Code : LFN0019
Material: alloy, pearl, Ribbon
Size: Approx 51g, 440*35mm Tails 50mm
Price : RM 14.50
(Sold out)

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Vintage Snake (LFR0023)

Code : LFR0023
Material : alloy, Diamond
Size : Approx 4.2g-32mm"
RM 9
(Sold out)

Exquisite Gecko (LFR0022)

Code : LFR0022
Material: Alloy + Czech drill
Lenght abt 32mm, Diameter about 20mm
RM 9
(Sold out)

Man Diamond (LFN0018)

Code : LFN0018
Material: Alloy + Pearl
Weight: 18 g
Price : RM 19
(Sold out)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Phoenix Tail

Code : LFE0017
Material: alloy, Diamond
Size: Approx 7.5g, 73*41mm
RM 15
(Sold out)

Peach Heart Wings (LFR0021)

Code : LFR0021
Material: Alloy + Czech drill
Size: Approx 9.3g, 59*17mm (Adjustable)
RM 9
(Sold out)

Peach Retro Heart (LFR0020)

Code : LFR0020
Material: alloy, Diamond
Size: Approx 14.3g, 31*31mm (Adjustable)
RM 10

Shining pearl ring hollow carved (LFR0019)

Code : LFR0019
Material: alloy, Diamond
Size: Approx 11.2g-34*26mm (Adjustable)
RM 12
(Sold out)

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