Sunday, 31 July 2011

Crystal Flash drilling multi spring (LFB0033)

Code: LFB0033
Fashion Bangles
Weight: 31 g
Diameter : appr 56mm
RM 22

Big peach heart (LFB0032)

Code: LFB0032
Material: alloy
Size: Approx 60*58*34mm
RM 18.80
(Sold out)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Scaly blazing opening bracelet (LFB0030/LFB0031)


Code: :LFB0030 (Silver) / LFB0031 (Gold)
Material: alloy
RM 16.80

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rose pattern retro oval bronze rings (LFR0064)

Code: LFR0064
Material: Alloy resin
Diameter approx 17mm
Color: bronze.
(Sold out)

Emerald ring (LFR0063)

Code: LFR0063 (Sold Out)
Material: Copper Alloy Rhinestone
Diameter approx 20mm
(Last piece)

Simple and stylish leather ring (LFR0062)

Material: Alloy, PU leather
Diameter approx 20mm
Price: RM11

Silver Spring Rings (LFR0061)

Material: alloy, rhinestone
Diameter: Approx 1.5cm
Weight: 6.3 g
Price: RM12
(Sold out)

Pearls and Diamond (LFR0060)

Material: alloy, rhinestone, imitate pearl
Diameter: Approx 1.5cm (Adjustable)
Weight: 1.7 g
Price: RM9.80

Diamond rings square large stones (LFR0059)

Material: alloy, rhinestone
Size: Approx 28*20mm
Diameter approx 19mm
Price: RM11
(Sold out)

Bronze Exquisite diamond butterfly (LFR0057)

Code: LFR0057
Material: alloy + Czech drilling
Weight: 10 g
Diameter approx 20mm (Fixed)
RM 24

2 pieces exquisite butterfly ring (LFR0055)

Code: LFR0055
Material: alloy
Size: Approx 2.7g-14*11mm
Diameter: 17mm (Fixed)
RM 10.80 

Exquisite Butterfly ring (LFR0056)

Code: LFR0056
Material: alloy + Czech drilling
Weight: 7 g
Diameter: 20mm (Fixed)
RM 25

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shining Diamond Anklet (LFA0003)

Code: LFA0003
Material: alloy, rhinestone
Size: Approx 170mm
RM 12

Retro fabric petals Cross Necklace (LFN0033)

Code: LFN0033
Material: alloy
Lenght approx 72cm
RM 16
(Sold out)

Cross Chain Necklace (LFN0034)

Code: LFN0034
Material: alloy
Size: Approx 700*-53*30mm
Weight: 63.5 g
RM 15.80

Court Classic Cross Necklace (LFN0032)


Code: LFN0032
Material: alloy, rhinestone
Size: Approx 700*82*50mm
RM 17
(Sold out)

Vintage Cross Necklace Ethnic wear beads (LFN0035)

Code: LFN0035
Material: Alloy + Crystal
Weight: 46 g
RM 18
(Sold out)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Flash Diamond Chain (LFN0031)

*Going well with dinner dress

Code: LFN0031 (Sold Out)
Material: Claw chain
Size: Approx 23.8g-16Inches
RM 39

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