Thursday, 23 June 2011

Love Simple Elegance Ring (LFR0048)

Code : LFR0048
Material: alloy, Imitate agate, rhinestone
Diameter 18mm (fixed)
RM 12

White Lotus Crystal Ring (LFR0050)

Code : LFR0050
Material: alloy
Diameter approximately: 17mm (Adjustable)
RM 11 
(Sold out)

Boy likes Girl (LFR0049)

Code : LFR0049
Material: Alloy oil
Diameter approximately: 17mm (Adjustable)
RM 11 
(Sold out)

Cross 2 Finger Ring (LFR0047)

Code : LFR0047
Material: 4.3cm*2.7cm, diameter 18mm 
Weight: 11 g
RM 10

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Retro Floral (LFR0046)

Vintage/Retro & New Combinations 

Code : LFR0046
Material: alloy
Size: Approx 7.4g-30mm, Diameter 17mm (Adjustable)
RM 10

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Give with Love I

Want the Hello Kitty rings?
Just follow the instruction and
you stand a chance to have HELLO KITTY rings which worth RM35!
Good Luck!

I'm alone,  bring me home

Sneak view of Give with LOVE

We appreciate the support given by all shoppers and hence by we decide to have a very first giveaway contest - "Give with Love I"

Can you guess what's the design of the rings?

Stay tuned LF's update on
22 Jun 2011 10.30pm!

Monday, 20 June 2011


Hey shoppers!
Restock items finally arrived!
Here some items we ordered extract due to high demands!
Grab before sold out again!

Retro Queen Precious Stone  (Last piece in Black)
Maple leaf (Bronze - sold)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Black flower straps

Code : LFC0006
Material: Fabric
Size: Approx 400mm
RM 8

Monday, 13 June 2011

Butterfly Straps

 LFC0002 (Dark Pink), LFC0003 (Dark Blue)
 LFC0004 (Light Purple), LFC0005 (Light Blue)
Material: fabric
Length 24-26cm
RM 8

Strap Clip

The perfect bra strap solution, helps to support your breasts
Conceal bra straps
Comfortable and easy to use
Best accesory for women daily life!



Code : LFC0001
Material: plastic
Size: Approx 43*33mm
RM 6 (3 pieces in 1 pack)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Last call for restock order!

Hey Shoppers!

Have you make the order for the items you wish to have and already sold out?
Do fill in the order form and we will restock for you!

Restock order will end at 11 June 2011!

Looking forward your order and enjoy your weekend! ^^

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lace Puff with Corsage Decoration

Sleeve Length: five Sleeve / Sleeve
Length: 43cm
Bust: 41cm
Fits Size S
RM 30

Flowing Chiffon Lace Sleeved Shirt

Lining: Yes
Size: Free Size
Bust: 108CM
Shoulder Width: 50CM
Sleeve Length: 20CM
Waist :40-90CM
Length: 69CM
RM 35

Flower Sleeve Striped Shirt

Fabric: Cotton
Size: Free Size
Length: 75cm
Bust: 116cm
Fits size S to L
RM 35

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Retro butterfly ring (LFR0038)

Code : LFR0038
Material: alloy
Size: Diameter 1.6cm (fixed)
RM 7.50

Retro Flower Pearl Ring (LFR0043)

Code : LFR0043
Material: alloy, rhinestone
Diameter : 1.7cm (fixed)
RM 12

Pearl Diamond Butterfly Ring (LFR0045)

Code : LFR0045
Material: alloy + Czech drilling + Pearl
Weight: 10 g (Adjustable)
RM 22

Cross Me Ring (LFR0039)

Code : LFR0039
Material : metal gold
Size:lenght 6.1cm, Diameter 1.6cm (fixed)
RM 9
(Sold out)

Exquisite Diamond Ring (LFR0044)

Code : LFR0044
Material: alloy + Czech drilling
Weight: 7 g (Adjustable)
RM 22
(Sold out)

Retro Peach Heart Ring (LFR0040)

Code : LFR0040
Material: alloy + Resin
Diameter : 1.7cm (fixed)
Weight: 10 g
RM 9
(Sold out)

Diamond Skull Ring (LFR0042)

Code : LFR0042
Material: alloy, Diamond Material: alloy, Diamond
Size: Approx 9.2g-29*18mm
RM 12

Oval gemstone (LFR0034 / LFR0035)

Code : LFR0034 (White) , LFR0035 (Black) - (All Sold out)
Material: alloy
Diameter: Approx 1.65cm (Adjustable)
Weight: 15.3 g
RM 11

Queen's Head Retro Ring (LFR0041)

Code : LFR0041
Material: alloy + Czech drilling
Weight: 15 g (Adjustable)
RM 10
(Sold out)

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