Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Three Golden Flowers Bracelet (LFB0048)

Code: LFB0048
Material: Alloy Drill
Length: 18.5cm +5 cm
RM 16.50

Black bead chain bracelet (LFB0047)

Code: LFB0047
Material: copper cup chain chains
Size: Chain length 17.5CM +5 ​​CM
RM 17

Atmosphere bracelet (LFB0045/ LFB0046)

Code: LFB0045 (Silver) / LFB0046 (Gold)
Material: Alloy, acrylic pearl diamond
Size: Elastic, width 3cm
RM 22
(Sold out)

Jingle bracelets (LFB0044)

Code: LFB0044
Material: ccb advanced drilling acrylic iron Czech glass beads
Length: bracelet total length 18cm
RM 16
(Sold out)

Retro gold bracelet set with black stones (LFB0043)

Code: LFB0043
Material: Alloy
Size: adjustable, width 3cm
RM 18
(Sold out)

Sapphire bracelet (LFB0042)

Code: LFB0042
Material: Alloy
Size: Width 1.7cm length 18.5cm
RM 16
(Sold out)

Pink Pearl with cutties drops (LFB0041)

Code: LFB0041
Material: Alloy, imitation pearl
Chain length: 180mm
RM 16
(Sold out)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Jewelry pearl and diamond bracelet (LFB0040)

Code: LFB0040
Material: Alloy silver imitation pearl
Chain length: 160mm +60 mm
Color: Silver white pearl
RM 16
(Sold out)

Candy Girl falling drops of pearl beads (LFB0039)

Code: LFB0039
Material: alloy, imitate pearl
Size: Approx 170*11mm
Weight: 31.2 g
RM 15

Chiffon crystal pearls knitting (LFB0038)

Code: LFB0038
Material: chiffon + Czech drill + pearl
Weight: 140 g
RM 39
(Sold out)

Multi pearl bracelet (LFB0037)

Code: LFB0037
Material: Alloy + Pearl
Weight: 51 g
Diameter approx 70mm
RM 22

Retro fashion diamond bracelet (LFB0036)

Code: LFB0036
Material: alloy, Diamond
Size: Approx 108g-47mm
RM 22
(Sold out)

Fashion multi pearl bracelet (LFB0034 / LFB0035)

(Brown) (Sold out)


Code: LFB0034 (Brown) / LFB0034 (Red)
Material: alloy, Leather Line, imitate pearl
Size: Approx 34.3g-175*22mm Tails 70mm
RM 18

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